Vita Spa 500 Series Hot Tubs

Not only are the hot tubs in the Vita Spa 500 series packed full of features, the build quality is unparalleled in this price bracket (and better than most higher-priced hot tubs too!). Vita Spa has focussed on longevity and quality, that’s why instead of the industry standard wooden frame, Vita Spa 500 series hot tubs have a appliance-grade steel frame which will never rot, warp, split or crack and is 40% lighter. We’re so confident in the frame we offer a lifetime steel structure warranty.All our 500 series hot tubs (except the Trio) have an MP3 surround sound stereo system with 2 Shell Speakers and Sub Woofer as standard; you won’t believe the sound quality until you hear it! As with all Vita Spa hot tubs, this range features the award winning Bluemaax insulation for outstanding heat retention properties, they also have an ABS sealed pan base to lock in heat and seal out moisture.

The 500 series cabinets are made from a high impact composite, Excel-Xtm which looks and feels like real natural wood but without the numerous drawbacks. As with all Vita Spa hot tubs, the 500 series has Balboa controls.

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Vita Spa 500 Series

  • Envie 6 Seater Hot Tub Envie | Vita Spa 500 Series Hot Tub - Similar in size to the Grand, the Envie hot tub from Vita Spa also boasts a lounger seat for those wanting a top to toe massage, in fact it’s the same layout as the award winning Prestige – just a fair bit bigger. A 6 seater hot tub in total, the Envie also has two […]
  • Grand Hot Tub Vita Spas 500 Series Grand | Vita Spa 500 Series Hot Tub - The high velocity volcano jet located within the large dome footwell ensures everyone can have a great foot massage in this seriously spacious 7 seater hot tub. The Grand is an all seater, which is ideal for families and those looking for a large party hot tub for socialising and entertaining. You will still benefit […]
  • Vita Spa Joli Joli | Vita Spa 500 Series Hot Tub - Over the years the Joli 4 seater hot tub has become a best selling hot tub for couples and families with small children thanks to it’s unique layout. Often referred to as the sports car of hot tubs, the Joli has two deep recliner seats complete with acupressure jets for you to stretch out and […]
  • Vita Spa Monarque Hot Tub Monarque | Vita Spa 500 Series Hot Tub - The family friendly 7 seater Monarque hot tub gives you multi-levelled seating free from barriers. The combination of water jets and champagne air blowers gives you a therapeutic experience while the spacious layout allows you to comfortably invite your family and friends in – if you choose to! With the same layout and features as […]
  • Prestige Prestige | Vita Spa 500 Series Hot Tub - The Prestige is one of the most popular 6 seater hot tubs in the entire Vita Spa collection and it’s not difficult to see why. Similar to the Monarque hot tub in size and spec, the Prestige also features a 20 jet lounger seat for top to toe massage. The Prestige’s 52 stainless steel water […]
  • Trio 3 Seater Hot Tub Trio | Vita Spa 500 Series Hot Tub - The Trio from Vita Spa is a compact rectangular hot tub for three, there’s plenty of space inside with the full size lounge seat and two deep massage seats. Perfect for couples or individuals who don’t want to share the spa! The Trio is the only 1 pump hot tub in the 500 series, this […]