VM8 | 18ft Vita Dual Swim Spa

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  • £29,995.00
  • 554 x 229 x 135cm cm

The VM8 dual zone (also known as a twin zone) swim spa by Vita Spas is *the* one. On the one side you have your swim spa featuring our unrivalled xStream river jet propulsion system for a smooth, powerful current to swim against. On the other side is a separate 5 seater hydrotherapy circuit hot tub to relax and unwind in. What more do you need?

What we love about the VM8 – it’s got to be the dual temperature zones. Keep the swimming side at a comfortable 29 degrees to keep you cool while you work out; put the heat up to 40 degrees on the hot tub side and have those aches and pains massaged away! The VM8 is a best of both worlds 2-in-1 hot tub and swim spa that is a very viable and user friendly option.

The new xStream Force river jet propulsion system uses proprietary ‘anti-turbulence’ technology to boost and smooth the swim stream for the ultimate swimming and water exercise experience. Anti-turbulence technology creates a powerful, smooth, variable jet stream that is completely adjustable and designed to allow you to swim at your individual fitness level. Add in our aquatic exercise kit for a full body workout!


Key Features

  • 8 Spa Seats (5 in separate spa area)
  • Dual Temperature Zones
  • 4 Pumps
  • 31 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • 2 River Swim Jets
  • 4 Fountains
  • Wifi Included
  • MP3/Bluetooth Music
  • Multi Coloured LED Lights
  • Copper lined Northern Exposure Insulation

    Full Hot Tub Specifications

    • 8 Spa Seats (5 in separate hot tub area)
    • 4x Pumps
    • 2x River Swim Jets
    • Aurora Cascade Water Feature
    • State of the Art Touch Screen Controls
    • MP3 Music with Bluetooth
    • Subwoofer
    • Copper lined Northern Exposure Insulation
    • DuraMAAX™ Cabinet
    • Freeze Protection
    • Illuminated Drink Holders
    • Stainless Steel Jets
    • Steel Substructure
    • WiFi Connectivity
    • Sealed ABS Pan Base
    • Can be controlled by Vita App
    • Status Light Indicator

    Shell Colour Options

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    Cabinet Colour Options

    • colour swatch
    • colour swatch