You’ve got the hot tub, now to get the Covana; a fully automated cover for your hot tub or swim spa which lifts at the turn of a key!
Come and see the Covana automatic hot tub/swim spa cover in our Kent showroom.

Economical & Environmentally Friendly

The Covana automatic hot tub cover has a higher insulating value than a standard cover. In addition, it seals the hot tub, keeping heat in and preventing evaporation for optimal savings on water, energy and chemical products.

Fully Automated

Give yourself a break. The Covana raises and lowers with the simple turn of a key – no more lifting covers.

The Safest Solution

The Covana covers the entire surface of your hot tub or swim spa and locks securely to keep children and intruders out, but in case of emergencies it also comes
equipped with a safety escape hatch.