Swim Spas

VtaSpa06Owning a Vita Spa Swim Spa is like having a swimming pool and hot tub combined. With a powerful but adjustable stream of water to swim against and blissful hydrotherapy areas, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with your new Swim Spa. Our Xstream swim spas truly are a cut above the rest. Our swim spas are constructed with a steel frame that’s 250% stronger than wood yet 40% lighter, MP3 music and subwoofer as standard, and Vita Spa’s unique, money-saving appliance-grade insulation. Don’t even consider buying a swim spa in Kent without checking out our range first.

Swim Spa Features:

  • Toning and Sculpting – optional exercise equipment package
  • Swim Training – water propulsion system and well-marked swim lanes
  • Aerobic training – low-impact, highly effective aqua jogging and more
  • Flow and Jet-Power – offering strategic resistance-training for effective workouts

Each Swim Spa in the outstanding Vita Spa Xstream Swim Spas has been developed with usability in mind, combining the best aspects of pools, hot tubs, and home gyms. From smaller 12ft party swim spas to huge 16ft swim spas with optional packages, there’s sure to be a swim spa that suits your needs.

We can deliver your new swim spa anywhere in Kent, we can even supply the base and electrical upgrades if needed. All you need to do is decide whether you want to invite your friends and family round to try it out or enjoy a solitary soak. Holiday at home with Oasis Swimming Pools in Kent.


To learn more, why not call us on 01304 619 705, visit our hot tubs in Kent showroom to learn more or contact us today.

Vita Xstream Swim Spas

  • Xstream VB4 VB4 | 14ft Vita Swim Spa - The VB4 is a superb 14ft (4.27m) swim spa with 9 seats including 2 deep corner seats. The VB4 from Vita Spa is the same layout as the XL4, however it also boasts the celebrated new xStream Force jet propulsion system for extra power and a smooth swim. What we love about the VB4 – […]
  • Xstream VL4 VL4 | 14ft Vita Swim Spa - The VL4 is a superb 14ft (4.27m) swim spa with a huge swimming area alongside 3 hydrotherapy seats (including 2 deep corner seats). This model is the same layout as the XL4 – barrier free for the ultimate swim and workout, but with the added bonus of our amazing river jet xStream Force jet propulsion […]
  • Xtream VM6 VM6 | 16ft Vita Swim Spa - The VM6 xStream Deep Swim Spa by Vita Spas has been designed to be an extra deep and long swim spa for an unrivalled swimming space. At 155cm high this is one of the deepest swim spas available. The xStream Force river jet propulsion system gives a smooth, deep and wide swimming lane with anti-turbulence […]
  • xStream VM8 Dual Swim Spa VM8 | 18ft Vita Dual Swim Spa - The VM8 dual zone (also known as a twin zone) swim spa by Vita Spas is *the* one. On the one side you have your swim spa featuring our unrivalled xStream river jet propulsion system for a smooth, powerful current to swim against. On the other side is a separate 5 seater hydrotherapy circuit hot […]
  • XB4 Vita Swim Spa XB4 | 14ft Vita Swim Spa - Can’t decide between a spa for exercising and a spa for socialising? The XB4 is the answer. This swim spa is here to provide you with all of your fitness needs while the spa seats and side benches also provide seating for up to 9 people. From day to night, your swim spa transforms from […]
  • XL4 Vita Swim Spa XL4 | 14ft Vita Swim Spa - The XL4 is swim spa boasts the best of both worlds — relaxation and exercise. One side features 4 turbo stainless steel swim jets to ensure the perfect workout for individuals of every fitness level. The other side features 3 hydrotherapy seats to enjoy before or after your workout.  Similar to the XB4, the XL4 […]